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Traverse Curtain Rod Help (Draw from right / cord on left)

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Posted by: dswallow

I need to get a standard (non-decorative) traverse curtain rod that's about 80-90" wide, one way draw, but I need the curtain to draw from the right but have the cord on the left. I've been searching online and everything I see seems to imply the cord's always on the side they draw from. I need the opposite, and nothing indicates if the cord is reversible without changing the draw location with it.

Does anyone know of a brand or a source or a store that would have such a thing?

I also need a bunch of other rods, and would prefer they all be the same brand if possible, but the rest of them are pretty standard.

Posted by: dswallow

What is this, a mini-blind crowd? It rarely takes 10 hours to get a reply to a question like this here! :)

Posted by: randyf

Every traverse rod I've ever worked with you could easily change which side the cord drew from.

All it took was pulling the cord down on whichever side you want it to draw from, and release it from it's tensioner on the opposite side. Then install tensioner on the new side


the cord just runs from the pull carriage, to the end of the rod, around a pulley, and then back to the other side, and back to the carriage. the draw string is merely slack on whatever side you want !

Posted by: dswallow

Thanks Randy... Do you happen to know if it's possible to replace the cord (somewhat easily) with a much longer one if I were to want to route it via some pulleys such that the place where the cord was used was away from the rod?

I'm going to have 3 rods in a row, a 40" twin-draw from the center, an 80" draw from the right/cord on the left, and a 40" twin-draw from the center; but the rightmost twin-draw is behind stuff, and was thinking if I could get its cord over near the cord for the middle rod, it'd make it more usable. Alternately, I may have to go motorized, but those seem so overpriced, although the geek factor is much higher. :)

Posted by: randyf

Yeah, I've been tempted to go with motorized blinds a few times. It would be SOooo cool to press a button and have the drapes open !

Yeah, it's pretty easy to re-cord a rod, but you definately have to get a whole new cord. Knots don't pull through the pulleys well :)

you can get the cord pretty much at any home center, or even Wal-Mart usually carries it.

Posted by: stevel

Go to a small, independent shop that sells draperies and blinds. They usually have knowledgeable people there who can help you, especially if you need something "custom". You won't tend to pay much more than at the warehouse stores either.

The traverse rods I have seen have the cord feed and the draw mechanism on the same side. There's no technical reason why having the cord on the opposite side couldn't work - go talk to the experts.

Posted by: dswallow

And the answer is...

Buy a center-draw traverse rod and remove one side of the draw mechanism and you have a one-way draw that's reversible.

I bought a one-way right draw, took it all apart, saw I could reverse it, then realized the pulley assembly is a right or left built mechanism, so putting it on the other side it'd be facing the wrong way. So I grabbed one of my small traverse center-draw rods, took the part I needed off it, and put the big rod back together. Then I realized the right side now has no anchor point. Unlike center-draw rods, one-way rods just have a tiny pully insert that goes into the rod at the opposite end and it gets suspended from the top just like the suspension assembly in the center. So back to my "spare parts" rod and pull off the other side, rerun the cord through the pulleys, and now it's back together again and all works the way I want.

After all that, it was obvious buying a center-draw rod would've solved my problem since it could've been altered more readily to a one-way draw.

But it doesn't matter, since the store didn't have center draw rods in this size anyway, so it wasn't an option. My "spare parts" rod was only about $13 anyway. Just gotta go back to the store tomorrow to replace it. And I suppose my "spare parts" rod can become a one-way right draw rod, if I feel like it. :) No big deal sicne I have to go back anyway to buy the tension cord holders. Some stupid hard plastic clip was all they came with.

Frankly, these companies could just package up a center-draw rod and call it "convertible to left or right, one-way or center draw" and it'd probably save a whole lot of stocking requirements everywhere. The could even toss in the little pulley insert and the whole package would look identical to what they sell separately, now.

These were Leviton/Newell rods. I suppose other brands may vary in design a bit.

Posted by: randyf

That's strange... I've never seen one that you couldn't just use either way. I guess they found a way to save another .11 cents on the rod, and chintz out a bit :)

As fate would have it, my wife just came home with a Penney's catalog, and I was perusing it out of curiosity, when I flipped past.... TA-DAAA! Curtain rods !

From the description of the (Kirsch brand) rods...

Non stick Kirlon coated track for smooth drawing action. Cord guide or spring-tension cord control mounts to wall for tangle-free operation. Continuous cord lacing. Guide or cord control can be located on right or left-hand side.

Anyway... glad u figger'd it out ! as you see, they're pretty simple once you dig into them..

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