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Losing sound after 5 minutes

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Posted by: realnewbie

I recently bought a Phillips 312 upgraded with a 120Gb drive from eBay. I am planning of using unit as a plain VCR (since being in Canada). System is booting fine and everything seems OK (get all the nags not being registered).

However, I lose sound after 5 minutes of watching live TV or when I record an event. Funny part is that sound is coming back after a reboot then goes away (again after 5 minutes).

Is there a setting (or process) that would be running that cutting the sound after 5 minutes. I am running v3.0 and the unit is coming straight from the refurbishing factory (no added hack yet). Also, account is in suspended state.

Did a search but did not find any similar info. Any help (or pointer) would be rewarded with a huge thank.

Posted by: jafa


Does changing channel fix the problem sometimes?

Is it always 5 minutes or is it a bit random?


Posted by: realnewbie

Hi Jafa,

First, thank you for hour help.

No changing channel does not fix problem. And it is pretty much always after 5 minutes. It does not seems to be hardware related because when I do a reset, sound is coming back (for about 5 minutes). It is not heat related too since I checked and response is "normal" (as per Tivo).

I plan to open the box and install a network card so I could provide more info. Beside checking for running process (I know a bit of Unix so I assume Lunix would obey the same commands), I don't know what else to look for. Any additional info on that front would also be approciated.

Posted by: fox

i have a vrey similar problem i think:
a few days ago, my tivo-brand series-2 dvr started behaving strangely.
the behavior started after a brief (few minutes) cable outage in my area
but i'm not sure if it's correlated or not. note, i have NOT modified my (40-hour) tivo in ANY WAY, althogh i do have the home media option (which has always worked fine).

symptom 1: while watching either live tv or recorded show, the sound
cuts out altogether. just goes away. i try swapping cables, switching
to different a/v receiver input, no luck. finally i soft-reboot Tivo.
sound comes back, but within 5-7 minutes of starting to watch either
live TV or a recorded show, it vanishes again. prior to vanishing, the
sound was 100% ok - no skipping, stuttering, static, or any audible

symptom 2: after sound is lost, i can still play back recorded shows w/o
audio; but Tivo also complains that it cannot get an RF signal for live
TV. (i have analog coax cable with no decoder box.) if i plug the
cable into my VCR or other tuner, the signal is fine (both video and

symptom 3: sometimes rebooting causes sound to come back (for a few
minutes); other times it just doesn't. no other complaint messages
from tivo during reboot.

symptom 4: on a couple of occasions now, while trying to troubleshoot
this by changing around channels, etc, Tivo reboots itself suddenyl.
sometimes it will go into a cycle where it will reboot, sit on the main
menu screen for 1-2 minutes, then reboot again, etc. until i unplug it.

any ideas here? bad drive? (i deleted all but a few shows just in
case) bad motherboard? bad sound card? is there hope, in any of these
cases? (i don't care that much about HW investment, but i got the unit
2 yrs ago with a lifetime subscription)


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