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Posted by Beach on 04-10-2003 03:12 AM:

Concerns about mutliple DVR subscription pricing!

The facts are if you are buying multiple DVRs in your house the second, third, etc. Should not cost the same for subscription.
I am ready to purchase a second DVR but TWO things are keeping me from doing it.
1- The fact that I have to pay the same price for a second subscription. The price of the first is very justified as the programming I download is of value and saves me a lot of time, there are account management costs, etc. Why should I pay the same fee for the programming information that is already in my home? Do I pay as much for a second phone line? Do 15 more channels of cable cost as much as the first 15?
The answer is NO. It is called economies of scale or add on sales. The first price reflects burden costs of setting up and managing the account, providing the data, etc. A piece of hardware should cost the same the second time as you need total redundancy. For a service there is a ton of redundancy. The only thing you are doing is providing the data twice.

So here is my #2!

2- If Tivo is not getting economies of scale and they "need the money" they will not be in business long. If I have purchased the home networking option why does my primary DVR not share the download to the second, third , etc.
The only argument for keeping the same price would be that it ties up the same amount of resources back to Tivo to get the programming. If so shame on Tivo! You can share MP3s from my computer, shows between DVRs but not your own programming?
I think the fact they are charging the same price is a sign that they need the cash, not a company that I want to sink more money in to.
This current pricing model makes little sense if you look objectively at it, it does raise concerns as a subcriber!


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