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Posted by Beach on 04-11-2003 08:13 PM:

Dear Phone

I do business Development for one of the best success stories in the Tech sector for 2002 and we will be again in 2003. I don't feel I need to spell out the obvious. This is a poor pricing model, one that will not make it long term, how do I know this? Show me where it exists in the market. It is so painfully obvious that a second subscription of bits and bytes should not cost as much as the first that you will not find many that will pay for it.
I don't want to do the thinking for Tivo but I do suggest they start thinking!
If you think the second subscription is of equal cost to Tivo I suggest you study up! Figures where given: Total redundancy:Account mgt, billing, downloading data. Better yet tell me what isn't redundant about a subscription! It isn't being vague, this model isn't rocket science!
Obviously you must be pretty close to them as you seem put out by my statements.
I want to see Tivo succeed, companies succeed through strong bottom line revenue. There is NO EASIER WAY to get bottom line revenue than by selling to your existing customer base! This pricing model will not bring that revenue in.
It doesn't take a lot of knowledge about Tivo to understand their model! The specifics to their contracts are not public knowledge but as stated before, contracts when they don't help you grow your business should be evaluated and re-written so they do. This happens every day. If they are paying a subcription per box (one of the only factors that would keep the 2, 3 etc. box price so high in a single house hold) the holder of that contract wants to maximixe their profit from that contract too.

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