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Posted by phone1 on 04-11-2003 08:58 PM:

Re: Dear Phone

Originally posted by Beach
If you think the second subscription is of equal cost to Tivo I suggest you study up! Figures where given: Total redundancy:Account mgt, billing, downloading data. Better yet tell me what isn't redundant about a subscription!
Sorry, I'm not the one who needs to "study up." (And I still don't see any figures, just a lot of broad, vague, statements.)There are NO economies of scale in servicing multiple SA TiVo units.

Each SA TiVo requires its own phone call/download, whether it's in the next room or across the street. Get it? Same exact cost to TiVo per event.

There are no significant savings from an accounting standpoint. In my case and for many others, both my SA TiVos have lifetime, so there's no billing at all. Even monthly subscribers have their credit cards automatically debited, an electronic transaction that cost a few pennies.

Account management? What is that exactly? Each unit is statistically just as likely as another to develop an anomaly that will result in a call to Customer Care. The fact that two calls come from the same household doesn't save TiVo any money.

Sure it's easier to sell to the customer base. But in this model the sales should be producing higher margins! A loyal (not to mention captive) base is willing to pay more. Where margins need to be thin is in the competitive marketplace where you are trying to attract new customers. I agree that if the savings were there, they should be passed along if TiVo can do so without negatively impacting its bottom line. But to hand out discounts arbitrarily without justification is fiscal suicide.

Shareholders have been known to sue the management of companies who acted in that fashion.

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