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Posted by mmascari on 04-11-2003 10:51 PM:

Re: Dear Engineer

Originally posted by Beach
Tivo unit #1 (Primary) downloads the program data via the net. Tivo unit #2, #3 get the program data from Tivo Unit #1 (no connection to Tivo).
Please tell me what units #2 and #3 cost Tivo for that download?
When I say download those are "vague terms" but I would assume we don't have to talk about every byte that gets passed for handshaking and establishing connection, downloading data, etc. BECAUSE it should not be necessary for the discussion.
So tell me in the model above what cost is #2 and #3 to Tivo?

That sounds good, with just a few flaws. Until this week, units #2 and #3 didn't have any way to talk to unit #1. I don't mean, just no software for the communication, but no connection or knowledge at all. Version 4 of the software changes that picture some, but will take a month to roll out to the customer base. What we don't know, is if there is a feature that will let units #2 and #3 get the data they need from unit #1. All we know about the communication is that unit #1 can send a show to the other units. Now, 6 months (or some other arbitrary time frame) from now, this may change and then we could look for a change in price. Why would they announce a change now? As a suggestion, this makes sense. As a rant on why it costs too much to have more than 1 TiVo, it's just a rant like any other.

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