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Posted by mmascari on 04-12-2003 12:18 AM:

Re: Some call Rank others call a valuable heads up

Originally posted by Beach
Until this week??? How long have they been testing networking? Don't look in the rear view mirror look forward. The fact is they can share this data if they want. Could there be some technical issues, possibly but not anymore technical than the four features of the HMO, which by the way I purchased. This is not about $15 a month, this shows Tivos market acumen.
You can argue this all you want time will prove me right. My guess is Tivo will reduce multiple unit costs. If they don't multiple units will not be adopted enough to keep the feature. You do have to have enough subscribers of a feature to warrant supporting that feature.
I am sure there are some that love TV so much they will pay $30 - $45 a month for TV schedules but you are the exception both on price and TV addiction. It is a fine balance of someone that watches enough TV to warrant 2 or 3 Tivo's and still has enough disposable income to pay $30 - $45 a month to support that habit.

Until this week, yes. Until this week there was no installed base of TiVo's that had any networking features. Did they start development of the TiVo networking features this week, no. Did they tell us about the networking features as soon as they started development of them, no. Did they let the beta testers describe the features before the launch, no. So until this week, there was no way that a multiple TiVo price savings could be sold. Could they be working on this, yes. Do we know, no. And finally, do you think they would tell us ahead of time, no.

What would happen to the small number of users who would currently buy multiple units at the current price if they told us "3 months from now the price is going to drop". Is there an alternative choice for those users that is cheaper and requires announcing a new price before it is available to be sold to keep them from buying something else. Would they sell more additional TiVos if the additional cost was cheaper, probably, but until they can actually provide this, announcing it only has downsides.

Do I think they will do this at some point, yes. Would it cause me to buy another TiVo, maybe, but definitely favor TiVo over another alternative that was more expensive. For all we know, they have this is beta right now, but there are issues that are still being worked out. Either way, I wouldn't expect any company to ever pre-announce a price drop. Announcing a price hike makes sense, it leads to fence sitters making purchasing decisions. Announcing a price drop, just strands inventory in the supply chain.

So, knowing this, a suggestion to lower the price for multiple units in one house is a good suggestion. Complaining that they don't do it already or haven't announced it yet is a rant.

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