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Posted by mmascari on 04-12-2003 09:45 PM:

Re: Great I will get two replies then.

Originally posted by Beach
Mmascari and Phone1.
My question still stands.

What factors keep Tivo from seeing large redundancy savings with units 2,3, etc. in the same home using HMO?

I would like both your perspectives.


As I said in a previous post, today's production platform doesn't support your suggestion. If a future platform will support this model, I don't know.

I don't work for TiVo, only have 1 TiVo, and waited to buy it for a very long time since one of the features I want isn't supported. There wasn't an alternative product that supported that feature though, so when the price increase for Lifetime service was announced, I got one right away. If I did work for TiVo, or had any knowledge about future pricing strategies, I definitely wouldn't be posting here.

As I said before, any announcement of a price decrease can only hurt sales until the decrease is made. If you want a recent example of this, look at the video game market last year. XBOX prices were announced that they would be lowered from the same price as PS2 to $50 cheaper in several weeks. At the same time, Sony stated there would be no change in PS2 price. This left a market where PS2 buyers didn't change, but XBOX buyers were waiting for the price to drop. One week before the XBOX price drop, Sony dropped the price of the PS2 $50, effective immediately. Now, PS2 buyers had a cheaper product, and potential XBOX buyers waiting for the price drop had to compare the current PS2 price with a current XBOX price that was higher, or continue waiting for the future XBOX price that would be the same as the current PS2 price. I'm sure many buyers that were more price concerned than platform concerned switched, stopped waiting, and purchased immediately. If Sony had announced they were going to switch at the same time as XBOX, those buyers would have just waited, and additional buyers of both systems would probably have waiter for the price drop leaving extra stock stuck in the sales chain.

So my perspective is still that this is a good suggestion, but that we will not hear about any reduction in prices until they can be made. Remember, supporting 2 boxes talking to each other adds additional complications to the support structure compared to 2 boxes that are totally independent. I would guess that they are watching the roll out of HMO to help determine what extra work this puts on the support staff. If the load on the support staff is too high, then I wouldn't expect to see this kind of offer. The support issues around home networks is exactly why many broadband ISPs allow home networks, but don't support them.

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