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Posted by HTXpertGuy on 06-21-2003 09:56 AM:


I hate to contradict your comments, but there are some known issues with what you said.

First, you MUST run CAT 6 or CAT 6e cable according to the official specs if you want guranteed support for Gigabit Ethernet. See the white papers on them if you need more technical details. Granted, "CAT 5e" (NOT CAT 5) can support up to 1000Mbps. But what you failed to mention is that is the cap on CAT 5e and IS NOT offically recommended. Ask any intallers, talk with Network Administrators at computer companies if you don't believe me. You CAN NOT use CAT 5e for such purposes. The CAT 6 or even CAT 6e gives you the head room needed for such tasks and is speced out in the white papers.

Second, you DO get a huge performance boost from a Gigabit Ethernet. If you use a RAID configuration using SATA drives or SCSI's newest offerings, then it absolutly screams off the server. The point I was trying to make is that if TIVO does have a dedicated Ethernet connection (which they REALLY need) then it should be Gigabit speed. Doing so would certainly take the bottle neck off what I have now since you would be Gigabit from the TIVO to the home network server computer.

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