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Posted by HTXpertGuy on 06-21-2003 05:36 PM:


Please go back up and read the posts I made a little more closely. If you do, you will see this has already been covered. Notice that I point out the current TIVO's don't transfer at Gigabit speed. They are confined to the both USB limitations AND 100Mbps speed (in theory). As has been mentioned, the worst part is there is no dedicated ethernet port/card in any TIVO's (yet). What I'm trying to point out is when TIVO does do this (which is certainly needed) it should be a "Gigabit" ethernet board so you can have the speed without bottlenecks as you say.


Some of your points I understand a little better now. However, the white papers do support my statements about CAT 6 over CAT 5e. Also, no where have I ever read that Gigabit is even close to supported on anything but CAT 5e or greater. It may have been discussed by the consortium many years ago about CAT 5 doing so, but was quickly dropped. No matter what the cable length is, CAT 5 was never OFFICALLY deemed Gigabit capable. Although, "CAT 5e" is of course mentioned as you know for Gigabit, but as you point out, that's the maximux threshold on it. Therefore, the longer the run the worse off you are in achieving guranteed Gigabit speed.

FYI: CAT 6/6e can run up to 325 feet guranteed Gigabit speed or better. The new Belden cables we run are all "CAT 6e" which goes beyond a gurantee of Gigabit speed at maximum length.

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