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Posted by Dennis Wilkinson on 06-23-2003 06:03 AM:

Re: Corrections to posts by Dennis Wilkinson

Originally posted by HTXpertGuy
I wanted to make sure and post this so anyone reading this thread knows the facts as they are for my useage. Don't take it as hard feelings or starting a debate, there is simply nothing to debate about and I'm only trying to present the facts to the readers.

No hard feelings, just a little friendly conversation on rainy (well, here, anyway) weekend.


To be clear: these are not TiVos running slowly on a gigabit network, they are TiVos running slowly on a 100baseT network.

Actually, this IS NOT correct.

Actually, the network the TiVo is attached to IS 100baseT. That's all your USB adapter supports, and the switch will have downshifted to 100baseT on that port as well. In effect, your switch is acting as a bridge between a 100baseT network where your TiVo(s) live, and a gigabit network that the remainder of your devices live on. The fact that they're both talking over Cat6e UTP (which is merely a rating of the physical wiring and connections, not the signals traveling over it, for anyone still reading this who isn't a network geek.) It's also most likely a single IP subnetwork as you've described it, but again, that has nothing to do with the base-ness of Ethernet.


I disagree that TiVo needs to build in the Ethernet support. USB 2.0 combined with 100baseT would be fast enough on a switched network for the TiVos, and on a switched network the TiVos wouldn't disturb/slow down the other devices.

Well, got to disagree STRONGLY with you there. Also, it's not as simple as USB 2.0 support combined with 100baseT causing bottlenecks. That wasn't at all what I have been refering to or the topic of this thread. What you state implies that it would be good enough to use USB 2.0 with 100baseT as long as you use a switch for your home network server routing. Everyone should realize they MUST use a "switch" hub for their home network to avoid bottlenecks. But, that has nothing to do with Gigabit speed VS slower Ethernet speeds such at 100baseT. Rather your home network is CAT 5e or CAT 6/6e, you need to use a "switch" to avoid the bottlenecks you speak of. Having built-in Gigabit Ethernet on a TIVO has nothing to do with what you refer to here. It's purly a home networking server issue only regarding the use of a "switch" router.

Only the physical wiring is Cat5/5e/6e/whatever, Having 6e installed is nice, but it doesn't give you a gigabit network, just a gigabit-capable one. You still need the devices to be speaking the right language, so to speak.

But you're missing my reason for disagreeing. My point is that people end up paying for things they don't need. I don't know that there's a consensus on what the most common home networks will be. Maybe it'll be wired Ethernet. Maybe it'll be wireless. Maybe HPNA. Maybe no network, just a modem connection. Given that, why NOT stick with USB and dongle-of-your-choice? Could even be a gigabit dongle, right? Sure, you're limited by the top speed of USB 2.0 (which isn't too shabby for a single attached device), but I suspect the rest of the TiVo would impose limits before you got there.

A TiVo is many things, but a server-class box it's not.

Well, I will sort of agree with you here and meet you half way. While I fully understand and so do many others that TIVO is not ever ment to be a server class box, that's exactly why you are SERVING it from your own home network computer(s). You can certainly achieve MUCH faster transfer speeds to and from the TIVO if it supported Gigabit Ethernet. Of couse, how much you realize depends entirely on your home network setup. You may not achieve full Gigabit speed, but you can certainly make it a LOT faster.

I think everyone should vote for built-in Ethernet support which is better than the USB work around now. The Gigabit Ethernet should be done when they do this so people that have Gigabit home networks like myself can take advantage of the increase in speed. It's my belief that if buying the chips/cards in bulk for the TIVOs they can easily get it in the ball park of just regular 100Mbps cards.

Can a TiVo be a server? Sure. Heck, I even had a ancient Mac SE/30 running as a file server until a few years ago. But that's not "server class" as most network admins think about it (which tends to imply lots of keep-the-system-up features like RAID and redundant power supplies.)

It's the fact that a TiVo is relatively low-power that leaves me unconviced that a TiVo would really be much faster on a gigabit network. If the rest of the system couldn't keep up, I don't think the TiVo would be saturating that network.

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