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Posted by HTXpertGuy on 06-23-2003 07:13 PM:


I think we are both saying somewhat the same things, but just not communicating it with each other. However, I'm still going to disagree with you are certain things you've stated as I know for fact some of it is not correct. The only thing I wanted to address for fact is no matter what, a wired network is ALWAYS better than wireless if you can access it. They are certainly more reliable and won't slow down. Granted, Wireless "G" is better, but even 5 plus years there won't be anything near as good as wired because of FCC mandates and other matters. Therefore, the point is, why not have TIVO make it the best with Gigabit Ethernet support?

The best thing to do so I don't confuse others is to try to drop discussing technical matters for now. In short, if TIVO did have Gigabit Ethernet adaptor built-in, I would have true Gigabit speed (or close to) on my home network and can prove it at that time.

Just any FYI:

I'm a Computer Science major too and work as a Network Administrator custom designing network computer systems for small businesses (i.e. Doctor's offices, Law Offices, etc.) So, at least we have that in common.

A few details:

Masters Computer Science - NorthEastern University - IL

Graduated in top 5 percent of class

Certified in:

C, C++, Perl, Cobalt, Pascal, Assembly Language, ASP, PHP, MySQL, SQL, ASP, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Basic, Visual Basic, Oracle, Unix, HTML, XHTML, XML, Flash.

Offical Sun Certified Technician.

Official Linux Certifed.

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