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Posted by HTXpertGuy on 06-30-2003 01:42 AM:


Thanks for the advice, I overlooked some of that in my haste to help him. Here is the update....

I did what you said and had him test the Linksys USB200M on his network server instead of using his network card. In order to get it to work on Windows XP, he had to install drivers from the included CD. Only then, would XP recongize the adaptor. Then, I had him use the same cable that he used on his TiVo connection. When all those connections were made on his home server PC, EVERYTHING worked just fine. He was able to bypass his PCI 10/100 card and run the server off the USB200M adaptor just fine using it and the same TiVo cable.

So, we now know both the adaptor AND cable are just fine.

That leaves us with the only possibility in my opinion that since XP required drivers to recongize the USB adaptor that TiVo simply can't use it. Despite it showing the MAC address and the USB200M being listed as "reported to work" on the TiVo web site. I truly don't think TiVo can use the adaptor since there must be some sort of driver issue there. It's one of the only reasons I can think of since the "link/act" indicator light doesn't show up on the router when used on the TiVo and DOES show up when the USB200M is used on the XP PC with the required drivers.

What's your thoughts on this now? Am I still missing something here? It has to be the TiVo causing the problem in my opinion since everything tested OK. For some reason the required drivers on the TiVo must not be there or something. What adaptor should I tell him to use since it doesn't appear this one will work on his TiVo?

Thanks for the help.

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