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Posted by RepairDad on 07-03-2003 11:17 AM:

<sigh!> Can't get ethernet to work

I have 2 Tivo series 2 units and cannot get ethernet working on either one.
I have a home network of about 9 systems and know networking rather well, but not being able to "see" what is happening on my TiVo is rather frustrating.

First, I tried a Linksys USB10T I purchased long ago -- no dice. Okay, so it isn't on the list, try again.

Next, I purchased a Linksys USB200M. Yes, this isn't on the list, either, but the USB100M *is* on the list but I can't seem to locate one. I figured this was upward compatible. NOT! ??

Okay, I'll play the game using the rules. Next I bought a Netgear FA101. This one *is* on the list! I plug it in -- and it works!
Getting cocky, I unplugged it and re-plugged the Linksys USB200M hoping it would work. No cigar!

Back to the Netgear FA101. WHAT!? Now it does *not* work. I've unplugged it, unplugged TiVo, replugged it, replugged TiVo -- no go!
I unplugged everything, plugged in the USB FA101, plugged in TiVo, nothing.
Well, I should probably clarify "nothing". TiVo recognizes the USB adapter, but can't see the DHCP server so never gets an IP address assigned.
All my other systems see the server just fine.

Next on the list -- I get a Linksys WUSB11 version 2.6. This adapter seems to be the highest recommended by Tivo. I plug it in, Tivo recognizes it, and I'm starting to get happy.
I maneuver over to the "configure/wireless" screen. A few seconds later, "linksys" shows up as the third choice and I select it.
My signal is 100%, my quality "excellent". I select the default "linksys" for the system name and leave the WEP settings blank. I do not have WEP set at the router. TiVo says it can't find the network.
Next, I move the WUSB11 (version 2.6) unit to my laptop. It finds the "linksys" network and works just fine. I move around the house -- no problems. I plug it back into TiVo -- no cigar.


1) What can be wrong (with TWO TiVos)?
2) How can I (or can I) see how TiVo is configuring the adapter during hardware discovery?
3) Where can I go for more help?

I am familiar with networks (years of experience), as well as many brands of computers (at home I have 7 PCs (one is a linux Mail/FTP/www server), 2 Amigas, 2 Macs, a Sun workstation, and an HP/Apollo workstation).
But, I can't get my "plug-and-play" little TiVo working :-((

Please help ...

(P.S. sorry for the long, ranting post -- I'm rather frustrated)

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