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Posted by bedelman on 07-05-2003 05:11 AM:

Re: a few questions before I HMO

FWIW - I'm using the Mac client for Photos & Music. There may be some minor differences with the Windows client. My answers are based on my experiences with the Macintosh version.

can my TiVo still record while I'm watching a slide show or listening to MP3's?

Does TiVo support playlists, if so can I make a playlist with the TiVo or do I have to trek all the way to the PC?

The playlists are created on the computer
Is there a pause between songs, If so how long?

A few seconds at most in my case
Can I publish different folders to different TiVo's, make clean folders for the kids TiVo... etc.

All the Tivo's see the same playlists for each computer that's publishing. I believe the Windows client can lock out certain IP addresses in an access control list.
Anyone using 320Kb/s MP3's besides me, and how does HMO handle them?

I'm using 192Kb/s MP3's
How does the navigation system work, does it show folders or just list 5000 songs?

The best way to see is probably look at the TiVo Service Update Guide which I believe is available on TiVo's website. The Mac client not only shows the playlists as folders but also creates folders for Genre, Artists, etc (these are coming straight from iTunes on the Mac)
Is there a limit to how many files you can HMO or how much disk space can be published?

People have reported problems when they have tons of files but I think it's more of an issue with the PC's capabilities to handle them. In my case, I have about 1,500 with no issue.

Bob Edelman

1 Pioneer DVR-810H
2 TiVo Series 2 80 hour (one living with son in college)
1 TiVo Series 2 140 hour
1 Humax DRT-800 DVD Recorder with TiVo
1 Sony SVR-2000 (living with other son in Michigan)

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