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Posted by TiVoBill on 07-26-2003 08:49 AM:

Re: What is going on with this offer?

Originally posted by FarmerBob
Just got off the phone with Tech/Customer and they reluctantly admitted that there is a promotion of a $40 rebate. You have to pay in full first and get a refund in mid August. But had no knowledge of the series of promos that my TiVo downloaded the other morning at 1:33am MDT. Where the spokes person talked about the 30 day free trial that would start on August 4th.

I should have known that there was something strange when half way through the promos there were movie trailers for the latest batch of premiers and that the web address: tivo.com/getready was invalid and that at the end of the videos where there was said to be a "yes" to select that I never saw. The real strange thing is that this downloaded promos are no where to be found in my machine. If I hadn't watched it I would have never known of it. And yes I had my unit on a network.

I sent an eMail to Customer Service, but didn't get a confirmation that it was properly sent. So I have no idea if they got it.

Is this the normal way TiVo Corporate does things. If so I'm not interested. Plus the picture quality is better from my Dish box and the Off Air antennae by themselves. The TiVo series 2 box is only mucking things up. And they are using MPEG4 (Draft) and the Dish box MPEG2? I don't get this.

The show that you are referring to is the recorded each week and contains video clips for upcoming promotions/trailers/offers etc. We air it at an inexpensive time, and then slice it up to be used in different promotions and features throughout the week. When a promotion begins, it automatically shows up in Showcases. The particular promotion that you are referring hasn't started yet, so that is why you don't see it, our call center doesn't know about it, and the URL's don't work. When it actually appears on your TiVo, everything will work just as your expecting.

As far as not receiving an e-mail auto-response, the company who handles our e-mail had some system issues today, but things should be back to normal shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Bill Dailey
Project Manager
TiVo Customer Support

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