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Posted by NoirTech on 08-01-2003 12:39 AM:

Originally posted by Convert
Nope, not trolling. I'm a confirmed TiVo zealot. I'm wanting someone to show me a good reason for HMO. I haven't seen one yet.

Oh, and sorry about the nimble-fingered typo.

It's all good Convert. Definately not for everyone. I wouldn't look too hard to find a reason. If you don't see a good use for it right away (like I, my family, and friends noticed), then it probably isn't for you. I don't think you should look for people to convince you, if that is what you were looking for.

In case you are curious though, here at the reason I decided to get HMO, ...i no particular order:

1. I take a lot of pictures with my digital camera. I like going to clubs, concerts, and other events and taking pictures. My friends are pretty animated, so I end taking some pretty,...uhm...interesting pictures. hehehe. Every other weekend, I have friends over to watch movies. One of my living rooms is set up as a home theatre. So, before we get situated to watch a movie, I have a slide show of the pictures I've taken going. Good conversation pieces there. Sometimes, someone will see one they want, and I'll go over to the computer and make them a hard copy of the picture. This is also the case when I have family members over. For example, on 2/15/03, I finally got married. My father came to visit last weekend. We showed him the pictures on TiVo, and he picked and choosed which ones he wanted right off from the 65" widescreen TV. Yes, we could have done it from my den, but it wouldn't have been as comfortable. We just sat back in the nice (and expensive) couches, and talked about life and the pictures.

2. Music listening. Sometimes I end up doing a lot of work around the house. The living room is in an open space where I can hear the surround system from pretty much anywhere I am in the house. So, I usually have an internet radio station (from shoutcast) playing through TiVo while I work on various projects. Other times, I want to show whoever might be visiting some new artist I might have ready to listen. So I turn on the TiVo and stream the music right off of it.

3. I have family, friends and co-workers who also have a Series 2 Tivo, with HMO. We log unto each others IP address and stream each others MP3s, and pictures. Every once in a while I'll get a phone call from one of them saying something to the effect of: "Hey Erick! Have you heard the new <enter band name here>?" I'll in turn say "No". Friend: "Log unto my IP with your TiVo and check it out.". And so I'll do that. Same things with pictures. They'll tell me about a cool concert they went to that I missed, but they are able to share the pictures, all of this, without having to see each other. Just gotta log unto their IP address.

4. Scheduling shows from work. Can't help it. At work, we talk a lot about tv shows. Part of our business sometimes. I'll hear about a new show I had no idea about, and I tell TiVo to schedule it, right from work. For example, "American Chopper". Someone was talking about it here at work. I checked the tvguide schedule, and I was going to miss it because I was at work and unable to record it. Woo! I have HMO. Logged unto Tivo.com and scheduled it right from the site. Got email back stating it was ready to record, and it was ready for me to watch when I got home.

Ok....those are just 4 examples of what I am doing with HMO. I understand that you might not care about any of those reasons, and that is totally cool. Just wanted to let you know what I was doing with it, in case anything interests you.

Ok...I think this post is long enough. Later

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