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Posted by flong2000 on 09-21-2003 03:12 AM:

Another Victim

Originally posted by TiVoBill
We have updated the adapter list at:


For those of you having trouble locating a WUSB11 2.6, we have added the WUSB12 to our compatible list. Note that it only works with DVRs that have TiVo service numbers starting with 230, 240, 264, and 375. If you have a TiVo DVR with starting with another prefix, I'd suggest getting one of the adapters in the "Other Wireless" section under the section for your sevice number.


I think you're missing the point - I too have just realized (by looking under the velcro slide) that I've ordered and received a v2.8 adapter that will not function with my TiVo. And like others, I followed the link directly from the TiVo HMO Recommended Adapters site (http://www.tivo.com/ to Amazon.com to place the order. And as of today (09/20), the link has not been removed from the HMO site - therefore enabling other recent purchasers of the HMO to be mislead and purchase the incorrect adapter.

Luckily, I read this thread before attempting to set up my new Linksys wireless network to take advantage of my newly purchased HMO - otherwise I would be extremely irate. As it is now, I am only disappointed in TiVo and wondering whether I should take advantage of the 30-day refund for my HMO. My other two options appear to be searching for a v2.6 adapter, or purchasing a more expensive, but compatible, Linksys adapter with a lower customer rating. All the while, keeping in mind that I will have to re-package and ship the original adapter back to Amazon for a refund. Either way, I am inconvenienced to the point that I will most likely forego HMO functionality.

Unless you can tell me when v2.8 of the WUSB11 will be supported?

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