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Posted by SmokeBringer on 09-16-2001 09:24 PM:

I also discovered one other "feature" that surprised me. I was watching a show then decided to record it. Pressed record. Hit down arrow and flipped to the other tuner. I then pressed display and saw the status of the other tuner was recording. Ok fine. But then I decided to stop the recording on the other tuner (an option when you press display and arrow down to the other tuner status). It did this, but when I subsequently flipped back to the show on the other tuner (the show that I momentarily started recording and then stopped), I see that the live buffer had been dumped. This is surprising to me. I would have thought that it would left the live buffer as is.

Not a show stopper, but just something we should keep in mind. If you start a recording and stop it - the live buffer on that tuner gets dumped.

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