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Posted by nacedo on 10-10-2003 05:19 AM:

One Eye Willy, i am going through the same situation (except the GF part!) and i did some research on this earlier. in my situation, since i am building a new computerr, i am going to buy the Pioneer A06 Dual-Format DVD-Burner which reads/burns DVD +/- R and +/- RW. Then i am also going to buy the Philips Progessive Scan Dual Format DVD Recorder.

the way i am going to work this out:
1) use "record to vcr"* function on tivo and hit record on the philips dvd recorder
2) when recording is finished, get dvd and bring to computer to Pioneer dvd drive
3) edit video on computer (remove commercials and the such)
4) burn dvd to whatever format i need to (dvd+r, dvd-r, dvd+rw, or dvd-rw) for compatibility issues (i.e. gf's dvd player does not play dvd-r/rw discs; only plays dvd+r/rw)

if you decide to buy a dvd recorder with a hdd built in, i would choose the Panasonic DVD-Video recorder Has Progressive scan, dvd-r and dvd-ram recording, 80gb hdd and i think this is the model with Dolby Stereo and ProLogic 2 recording. the only draw back with this recorder is it only records to dvd-r and dvd-ram discs. good if you have a dvd-ram drive in a computer, bad if you don't. as for reading other dvd formats (ie dvd+r/rw, etc) i do not know. also bad if your gf doesn't have a dvd player that supports dvd-ram or dvd-r encoded discs. (btw why buy a DVD Recorder with a built in HDD when your tivo already has one? i mean if space is a concern on your tivo, why not upgrade or add another HDD? its cheaper!)

otherwise i would choose the Philips Progessive Scan Dual Format DVD Recorder. it has dual-format reading and recording functionality, progessive scan, iLink connection (IEEE 1394) for you dv-camera, mp3 cd reading, and a bunch more features but no HDD. good because you can send you gf all 4 disc formats (dvd +r/rw and dvd-r/rw) and then let her tell you which ones are compatible with her dvd player so you can burn to that format for now on.

i dont really recommend using the "bridge" method. why? u have to have a good computer for this to work good: at least a 1.3GHz or above, 512MB memory, FireWire(IEEE1394) connectivity, and a $150+ dongle/"bridge" for video input. then you have to worry about having a DVD burner still and since you said you have a laptop, good luck in finding a dvd burner unless it is an external one which will cost you at least $400+ thus you might as well have bought the DVD-Recorder set-top box.

as for FTPing the tivo and "extracting" the video your TIVO, it has to be a Series 1 and not a Series 2 because (as far as i know) extracting video from a series 2 is not possible yet because of encryption and some proprietary video format, something like that.

I hope this helps out. i sorta rushed though this because i have to go to my little sisters schools football game. she won homecomming princess and tonight is their homecomming game and she has to be there (and so do i to show off my support to her - Congrats SHEENA!!! Go JFK!) so if am a little unclear somewhere or if i forgot something or whatever ill check back later tonight and tomorrow to answer any questions or comments.

* btw "recored to VCR" function is just like playing a recorded show. the only difference is that it prevents on-screen menus from poping up. for example accidently pressing the Guide button, or if the tivo asks and wants to know if it can change the channel to record a scheduled show, etc... basically anything that pops up and does not deal with the show and you dont want included!


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