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Posted by pgogborn on 11-09-2003 09:48 PM:

Originally posted by sanderton
It looks at the channel, start time, duration and series title of every episode in the To Do list and compares it to what is listed in the same slot on Digiguide, highlighting discrepancies.

It's working quite nicely on my machine now; there's probably another weekend of tidying up to do before I let it loose on an unsuspecting forum.

It will be interesting to hear some feedback using real data, rather than anecdotal evidence, on the reliability of Tribune v Digiguide listings.

I wonder if either of them do as well as the Radio Times web site at incorporating late schedule changes? >

If the Radio Times web site significantly beats Digiguide and/or Tribune at late schedule changes, a suggestion. Use a script to compare the "To Do" list with the web site, if a change in the time of a programme to be recorded is noted, automatically update the "To Do" list. It would also be possible to compare the Season Pass / Wish list in case a late programme substitution throws up something that should be added to the "To Do" list.

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