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Posted by BlankMan on 11-21-2003 09:10 AM:

DirecTV support of DVR's is so laughable, but it's just not funny.

<updated 26-jan-2004>

Ok so the issue here that I brought up with DirecTV was a bad example and the unit is probably operating as designed.

But the point of this thread was to show how bad DirecTV's Support is. If you're in doubt, check out this thread that has been running for 8 months detailing a problem that has been around for over a year, approaching two years. Even though TiVo representatives were able to reproduce the problem and contacted DirecTV regarding it, DirecTV to this day still denies it exists.

And their response to the TiVo employees was to tell them to not comment on it any more. Can you say Coverup?

The DirecTV coverup thread.

<Original post>

Ok I send this this:

I'm currently listening to Channel 841 Blues. It shows the name of the song and the artist on the screen for each song, but then after a while it no longer does that until I force it to display the info via the remote. Why is this happening? Why does it stop? I want to see the name of the song and the artist without having to do anything. Now, I'm not talking about it putting up the info at the start of the song then blanking it during the song to prevent screen burn-in then displaying the info again when the next songs starts for the next song, it stops completely until I intervene. Why? This is a Sony SAT-T60 Receiver with TiVo, a DVR, that you support.

Can anyone guess what their answer was?
Thank you for writing. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing
problems with your DIRECTV system. Resetting your system can resolve
many of the problems you could be experiencing. To reset your system,
follow these steps:

1. Turn off the receiver box.
2. Unplug it from the electrical outlet.
3. Leave it unplugged for 15 seconds.
4. Reconnect it to the electrical outlet and return to normal viewing.

If this does not resolve your problem, please call our technical support
center. To reach them, call 1-800-531-5000 and select the option for
technical assistance.

Think I'll keep this thread going and update it every time this happens, maybe if DirecTV gets wind of this thread they can be shamed into improving customer support, nothing else is helping. Or at least anyone considering getting a DirecTV DVR and comes here will know what their in for. I welcome everyone to post their 'Reboot the DTiVo response here too. I think I've got a couple more around I might dig up and post.


Since quite a few people are focusing on the rather unimportant issue I used as an example here, I have decided to add the purpose of this thread here and state a few facts.

Purpose: To show that DirecTV's email support is ineffective (And support on the whole). To show that DirecTV's usual first response is to reboot the DVR pretty much regardless of the problem. To show that they always want you to call. Even though the example issue used here is trivial and actually most likely working as designed, DirecTV's response was to Reboot the DVR. Their answer was to Reboot the unit to fix a nonexistent problem?? It does not appear they read, understood, or researched the issue contained in the problem statement. In this case my complaining about a trivial issue appears to strengthen the purpose of this thread.

Fact: DirecTV has an email support mechanism.

Fact: Numerous posters have stated DirecTV's email support is ineffective.

Fact: I choose to use DirecTV's email support system.

Fact: I expect to get a reasonable level of support when using DirecTV's email support system.

Fact: The purpose of this thread is to enlighten potential DirecTV customers that DirecTV's Support leaves a lot to be desired regardless of the method of communicating with them. (Existing customers pretty much know this already.)

Fact: Numerous DirecTV customers that have been experiencing the Favorite Channels and Channels I Receive loss problem have contacted DirecTV by phone also. DirecTV still has not acknowledged the problem exists while numerous TiVo employees have acknowledged that there is a problem and even this fact has been brought to DirecTV's attention.

User: So, how long will the server be down?
SA: Until it's back up (cjb 1994)
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