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Posted by Joe Siegler on 11-22-2003 01:00 AM:

Originally posted by SpankWare
And yet despite this you still continue to email them and continue to get angry by the response you get. That just flat out makes no sense. You've got your own documented proof that they're going to tell you the same thing no matter what. And yet you still email them. Do you enjoy getting kicked in the face as well?

I'm all for better customer service, but I don't think you're going to find it with DirecTV via email. If you have an issue, you're better off phoning them up directly. That way, when they tell you to reboot, you can explain you have, or how it won't help or whatever. They have a standard way of dealing with things, it's called a process and they are following it.

Wouldn't it make more sense to call them up and deal with the issue head on, rather than sending an email that you know by your own documentation will require multiple communications causing you to grow so frustrated that you feel the need to vent on a public forum? Come on, you could have managed all this with a phone call and saved us from hearing about it.

I was wondering this myself. It's well known that their support well.. sucks. KNowing that before you send an email hoping something will chance seems counter productive, and akin to rowing a boat with one oar and complaining you're not going anywhere else but in a circle.

And I've actually found their voice support to be pretty good. The only time I had any issues with them was when I was taking part in a TiVo hardware beta program, but then I kind of expected problems when calling about a beta issue.

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