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Posted by SpankWare on 11-22-2003 01:10 AM:

Originally posted by BlankMan
Have you ever done what you preach? You must work for DirecTV or be affiliated with them. Have you ever spent a half hour, forty five minutes, hour, on the phone getting transferred from person to person having to explain the problem over and over to each one? Then get disconnected on a transfer and have to call back and start the process all over again?

They say that they email is not a good way to solve technical issues. What really surprises me is that I deal with Oracle, Sun, Hp, Compaq, Dell, DEC, etc. for many years and it seems to work very well for all of them.

Have you seen this thread:


They want me to call them for that one too. Now tell, just how are they going to fix that over the phone?

Maybe, just maybe, if I could call them and reference the ticket number that I got with their response so they could look up the ticket and I would not have to explain it again to six different people I might call, but they have never offered that option nor do I think they have the ability to do that.

Yes, I have done what I preach. Why do you ask? You think I would advise you to call in if I hadn't actually done it myself with success? Of course I've called in, and of course I've gotten the same reboot first bit. Perhaps I'm just more adept at it then you are, I generally don't have a hard time with phone support for anybody. I know how to work my way past the BS quickly, before I waste my time.

I'm not sure why you mentioned your success with email support from a bunch of tech companies. I don't see how they relate, but I'm happy for you.

I never indicated they would fix your odd problem over the phone. However, you would have been a lot closer to your desire of talking to a specific rep had you called in and avoided all the BS you're complaining about here. If you don't like the problems you're having, avoid them .... running face first in hasn't seemed to help yet, at least according to your DirecTV folder in your email application of choice.

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