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Posted by SpankWare on 11-22-2003 02:00 AM:

Originally posted by BlankMan
So tell me, what were you so successful with getting support for? Figuring out how to put the unit in Standby?

I'd really like to hear what technical issues that DirecTV was able to solve over the phone.

If I could remember, I would tell you. But given that I don't usually experience an issue and if I did I can normally resolve it on my own, I can't really say. It's probably been more than a year since I've called DirecTV


I think I pointed that out, did you not understand, I do get that feeling. DirecTV is saying that it's hard for them to troubleshoot technical issues via email yet that list of companies is able to do it and some of their technology far exceeds DirecTV's.

My point was your list was all tech companies. I might understand your reference if DirecTV was more of a tech company, but clearly they are not the same as Dell, Oracle, etc. who's primary customer base have email and use it extensively.


Why do you profess spending (wasting) time on the phone when the known end result is that the problem cannot be corrected that way? That to me has no value.

And what about that thread I pointed you to, I'm waiting to hear how you think they can solve that over the phone.

If you're just trying to troll me here, it's not working.

I think it's obvious your issue can't be "fixed" via email or phone. But that doesn't mean the phone is less effective than your email solution. You yourself pointed out just how ineffective the initial email is, and yet you continue to do so rather than picking up the phone and calling in to directly bypass the DirecTV first line of defense.

As for the other thread, I didn't read it. I imagined it was more whining about lack of decent email support, so I didn't see the need to bother. Why do you even consider the idea I'm trolling? Is it really that impossible to believe that I believe what I've said and I think your method is obviously flawed? No, I must just be doing this to jerk your chain. I mean come on, it's silly of me to point out how questionable it is that you continue to follow the same avenue to seek service when you have documented proof (by your own admission) that the avenue continually fails you.

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