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Posted by CoryTV on 11-22-2003 02:13 AM:

I just wrote tech support...

...with this issue. I wonder if I will get the canned response.

I am experienceing some problems with my Tivo. Firstly, it is very slow, and continues to get slower. Secondly, occasionally, for no reason, The little door on the front will spring open, and a full-size banana will fly out of it. Of course, this delights my son, who is part-monkey, but is incredibly disturbing to me. Secondly, On every other tuesday, except the one immediately preceeding the summer solstice, my Tivo bursts for with song. It actually starts singing. Loudly. It prefers 80's Hair Metal, and has a soft spot for Whitesnake. These problems, I could deal with, were it not for the drunken carrousing immediately following the performance. After the show, It refuses any attempts to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, preferring to quickly alternate between "VH1 Behind the Music" and Telemundo. Please contact me quickly, as I am running low on my supplies of hairspray, vodka and cigarettes, and I'm afraid of what it will do, should this occur.


Cory Caplan

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