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Posted by hookbill on 11-23-2003 01:15 AM:

Originally posted by drew2k
I think this thread should be in the Suggestion forum, as what you're really looking for is a feature enhancement that would allow the track info to pop-up with each new song, stay on-screen for a short time, and then disappear again. I'd add to that suggestion that when the track info pops-up, it should randomly be in a new location on screen, to prevent burn-in.

Sorry, drew2k I got to disagree I think this is the appropriate forum for this discussion and I got to throw my support for BlankMan. I think ever since DTV took over the DVR's service has gone down hill. My big complaint is about loosing channels. A reboot brings them back but you could miss your favorite shows as a result of this. It's happened to me twice. Several people have reported to DTV's Customer Service only to get canned responses. I'm a Pegasus customer so I don't have to tell you that I don't even want to try to go through them. I've found the best support has been through this forum, particularly when TiVo Pony and TiVo Bill were still running the show.

I think BlankMan isn't just talking about the lost of the song id's, he is talking about a variety of issues. Some are more serious then others, but the point is we don't get response.

As far as the e-mail to Direct TV I agree with BlankMan that would probably be the ideal way to resolve matters, but let's face it their e-mail is really non existant. Talking to DTV reps does not seem to help either on certain issues. Point I'm trying to make is we use to have an access to someone who worked for TiVo in this forum who could help us and do something about our problems or concerns. We don't have that any longer. That is what I miss. I know for a fact BlankMan and I have both PM'd TiVoOpsMgr about the missing channels issue and we have received no response. His last response was he had nothing new to report as of November 5 and he would check with DTV and get back to us tomorrow. It is now November 22. We haven't heard anything from him yet.

It just seems that DTV took this over without really having the technical foresight to know what they were dealing with. I hope they prove me wrong but so far, I'm not impressed.

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