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Posted by bedelman on 11-24-2003 06:55 AM:

Originally posted by Peter000
Have you actually done this? I've tried it and on my system at least, it does not work. I've tried doing it various ways as well. Stopping the recording before it was completely transferred, transferring it straight to and from the SA TiVo, and transferring it from the paused playback location.

In each case it gives me the "This has been transferred from a DVR with incompatible audio and video formats" message.

So, I think you can ONLY burn something to the Pioneer that was recorded on the Pioneer, and stayed there. Anything that was recorded on another TiVo you have to treat like a recording from a VCR, and take it through the analog inputs of the Pioneer.

Extremely limiting.

No, I hadn't tried it yet (and I tried to make it clear that I hadn't in my earlier posting in this thread). I just tried it and I got the same thing. Of course, it would probably work if I had two Pioneer units.

I wonder if this would be different at the higher quality modes like "extreme" where there is no equivalent on the Series 2.

My take on the Pioneer's current functionality is that it allows you to take programs with you (I watch stuff on my laptop during my train commute) and not much more than that.

I really hope TiVo makes some software adjustments so that I can set my Series 2 units to use the same DVD-compliant modes as does the Pioneer.

Anyone know the best way to submit a request for a future enhancement?

Bob Edelman

1 Pioneer DVR-810H
2 TiVo Series 2 80 hour (one living with son in college)
1 TiVo Series 2 140 hour
1 Humax DRT-800 DVD Recorder with TiVo
1 Sony SVR-2000 (living with other son in Michigan)

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