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Posted by BlankMan on 11-25-2003 10:51 PM:

Originally posted by SpankWare
As for my defense of DirecTV, that's simple. I think there are many people here and elsewhere who blame DirecTV for a lot of things for one reason or another without considering for a moment that they are not the one's at fault.
Opp! Yeah! Dogoneit! I musta screwed up that last software patch!

Originally posted by appleye1
(I'll save you the trouble Blankman. )
Thanks. I know I've said this a number of times.

Originally posted by bsnelson
I guess I don't understand how the OP thinks it should work, given that the reason it goes away is to prevent burn-in.Brad
The display comes on for a while, displays the title and artist then blanks after 15-20 seconds as a lot of people have pointed out, that is fine. Just as long as it comes on at the start of the next new song and does it again, then blanks after 15-20. I do not have a problem with that, the problem I have is that it stops coming on at all.

But the more I think of this the more I think that is on purpose because even though the text changes, the border could burn in, so maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. I'm not viewing this on the TV, in fact the HDTV that is connected is turned off, so I'm not worried about burn in. but I am viewing it when this occurs, enough said.

geneb11 yeah I know, for that I' grateful, even if I have to listen to it.

Originally posted by SpankWare
Did I answer your support question?
Not really. Are they saying that the total blanking, never showing the title and artist again until there is some user interaction is normal, and they are not referring to the 15-20 second blanking once into the song, that is normal? Everyone, including me, knows the blanking 15-20 seconds into the song is normal to prevent burn in.

And, then, how hard would it have been for them to send me that simple, four line explanation instead of telling me to reboot my DTiVo and call them and yada yada yada?

And how do we know you really called in and aren't just reiterating what's been said as to how it's thought to work?

Originally posted by hookbill
I think BlankMan isn't just talking about the lost of the song id's, he is talking about a variety of issues. Some are more serious then others, but the point is we don't get response.
Yes. I started this thread off as a medium to post issues with the poor support us DTiVo's users have been getting since DirecTV took over the support from TiVo. It has nothing to do with a feature enhancement, as I stated early on in the thread (I think) I want this thread to be a warning to potentially new DirecTV DVR users. A lot of people find their way here when researching whether or not to buy a DirecTV DVR, I wan them to know not to expect to get any decent support from DirecTV.

Unfortunately when I started this thread that happened to be the issue I most recently emailed DirecTV, I can see now that was a poor choice because this thread quickly became centered around that problem and not the fact that DirecTV's support is poor. I should have used the Loss of (Favorite) Channels on going problem. At least then no one could side with DirecTV and tell me that I SHOULD call in so that they could fix it over the phone.

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