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Posted by BlankMan on 11-26-2003 01:58 AM:

Originally posted by SpankWare
As I stated, the "problem" you described is a feature.
Ok fine, I've relegated myself to believe that it is done by design. But you took me off on a tangent that was not purpose of this thread. As I've stated a number of times now the purpose, of this thread was to show how poor DirecTV's support model is, for what ever reason, not to solve the problem in the correspondence that I used as an example. By the fact that you were able to call and get a reasonable answer and by the fact that they could have easily replied to my email with that answer but instead told me to "Reboot my TiVo" to fix the problem, only goes to show my point. That was the objective here.

And now, that other problem I'm having, and Steve is having, and many other people are having with channels being lost, you still think that phone support as opposed to very detailed written problem statements is the best way to go about getting it corrected? Well you can go the phone route, I still believe hardcopy is the best route to go.

Thank you Steve, being able to provide the level of detail needed to solve technical issues is a given in a written email. Having a call screener or even a technical person transcribe what they think they understand the problem to be into a call log is prone to be problematic in and of itself.

DEC eh? I see the Nashua connection now.

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