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Posted by SpankWare on 11-26-2003 02:49 AM:

Originally posted by BlankMan
Ok fine, I've relegated myself to believe that it is done by design. But you took me off on a tangent that was not purpose of this thread. As I've stated a number of times now the purpose, of this thread was to show how poor DirecTV's support model is, for what ever reason, not to solve the problem in the correspondence that I used as an example. By the fact that you were able to call and get a reasonable answer and by the fact that they could have easily replied to my email with that answer but instead told me to "Reboot my TiVo" to fix the problem, only goes to show my point. That was the objective here.

But this thread did nothing to show how "poor" the DirecTV support model is. All it did was show that DirecTV has a customer that, for whatever reason, continues to follow a support method that the customer has themselves documented is already ineffective. I don't think anybody has questioned the fact that DirecTV's email support is lacking, at least not me. But you can't say the entire support structure is failing just because you can't get the support you want when you follow a single avenue, the same avenue that you already know has proven ineffective for you in the past.

If anything, I think I proved the support model does work, or at the very least in did in this case. I took the time to make the call, and got the issue resolved immediately. You never did answer my previous question. Have you received a response from DirecTV on your rather rude complaint to the initial response from DirecTV? If so, what was it? Did the email method you chose lead to problem resolution in the 10 minutes it took me? You said previously that it only takes a couple of minutes to fire off an email. Would I be safe in assuming that you're going the email route because you just want to get the problem sent off and not deal with the issue while somebody else works on the solution? If you have a problem, you should be actively involved in getting resolution. This is the very reason why my 10 minute phone call was far more effective than your email. I took the time (and little time at that) to get resolution It probably took me less time to get an answer than for you to compose your email and it to route it's way to a DirecTV mailbox.

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