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Posted by BlankMan on 11-26-2003 03:38 AM:

SpankWare Look, you have your opinion, I'm entitled to mine. I'm not going to change your mind, you're not going to change my mind nor my modus operandi, so let's just drop it. I've noticed you tend to stick up for DirecTV in quite a number of threads, if you are happy with DirecTV's service, fine, I am not. I expect to get competent support from DirecTV via email as long as they offer that as an option. If I want to beat my head against the wall in your mind in the process, that's my decision, isn't it? So I will continue to try, and if DirecTV ever wakes up and starts providing a higher level of support you all can thank me. In the meantime, if I choose to spend my time doing so that is my prerogative. And don't use the excuse that you'll have to hear it, you do not have to click on this thread, you do not have to reply to it. In fact, you can put me on your ignore list if you like. Please.

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