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Posted by BlankMan on 11-26-2003 05:09 AM:

Originally posted by crusador
How many directv support people do you actually know? Do you know what resources and training they have? To directly blame the support for failling to answer a question that is not even a problem is petty.
It is not "a" question, it is many questions, it is not me, it is many customers, I just happen to be crusading at the moment. If you would have read the whole thread you would see that I resigned myself to the fact that is how it operates and DirecTV could have ended it and told me so in the reply. Instead they told me to "Reboot it". Now, if it's not a problem, then how can rebooting it fix it? See the point yet?

User: So, how long will the server be down?
SA: Until it's back up (cjb 1994)
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