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Posted by Daniel L on 12-07-2001 02:03 AM:

Thanks everyone for your input!

Tried to hook a DVD player up to the Sony Projection TV...put in the new Star Wars Episode One DVD. On the yellow text crawl in the beginning of the film, the letters have VERY obvious artifacting around them. I'd describe it as pretty atrocious---had to point it out o my wife though.

I did try and turn sharpness down all the way---still not improving the quality by much.

I feel like I'm dealing with "double trouble": The MPEG compression on the one hand and the big screen on the other.

Will try and attach plain DSS receiver without the TiVo and see if that improves the picture quality.

Does a "powered" multiswitch make any difference from a non-powered one that was included in my DirecWay antenna?

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