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Posted by MediaLivingRoom on 01-15-2004 07:50 AM:

HUMAX's digital video recorders (DVR) with TiVo make it simple to control live TV and record favorite programs without the hassles of videotapes. The one-of-a-kind TiVo service powers the DVR to automatically find and record favorite shows, every time they’re on. It also finds and records shows by title, actor, director, sports team or even topic. Plus, pause, rewind, slo-mo or instant replay live TV.

HUMAX will be unveiling “LivePause™”—an innovative feature that makes watching TV more like watching a DVD. You’ll be able to pause, rewind, slo-mo, or instant replay live TV without any additional equipment. In the past, this type of functionality was only available through a separate set-top box. But now, HUMAX flat panel televisions will offer consumers true freedom. It’s just another example of how we’re integrating our expertise into the future of consumer electronics.

HUMAX advanced DVD recorders with TiVo allow you to create superb digital recordings from TV, video, and MP3 files and save them onto DVDs. And, continuing our promise of bringing consumers added value with every product, HUMAX DVD recorders with TiVo are actually three products in one. They offer the best of our TiVo digital video recorders, an exceptional DVD player, and an advanced recorder. So when you purchase a HUMAX DVD recorder with TiVo, you’re saving memories, money, and space—no more VCR, no more DVR, and no more DVD player. Just the HUMAX DVD recorder with TiVo. Best of all, you’ll have all of your favorite, easy to use TiVo functions including pause, rewind, slo-mo, and instant replay of live TV. Record your favorite shows using exclusive TiVo features such as Season Pass™ and WishList™. Then, it’s up to you whether to save them on the hard drive or a DVD. It’s the one component that does it all.

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