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Posted by Heedyheed on 02-03-2004 03:55 AM:

'One For All' IR repeater experience?

Does anyone have any experience of using the 'One For All' IR repeater /
remote control extender (about £35 from Argos)?

My original IR repeater refused to drive the TiVo so I bought a 'One For
All' from Argos a couple of weeks ago. It drives the TiVo OK - no
complaints on that score, but I think that it might be upsetting my NTL Pace
4000 digital box. Every few hours the NTL box displays a message saying
'Please press the guide button on your remote control to use the programme guide'.

Originally I thought the NTL box might be mis-interpreting commands from the TiVo to change channel, so I powered the TiVo down for a couple of days. The problem with the NTL box remained - it's very irritating to find that a much-wanted recording is completely obscured by a big pink message box!

Eventually I switched off the IR repeater receiver - and the fault seems to
have disappeared. I need to do a bit more testing, but it looks like the
'One For All' might be putting out IR 'noise' that the NTL box tries to
interpret as a command.

I saw a post here about turning down the sensitivity of the 'One For All'
unit, but mine doesn't have any externally accessible adjustment pots.
Maybe they're on the inside, but I'm reluctant to open it up and risk
throwing away Argos' 16-day money-back return.

Is anyone using the 'One For All' with a Pace 4000 box? Alternatively, does
anyone have any other suggestions for an IR repeater that works with the TiVo and the Pace 4000?



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