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Posted by hbtaylor on 02-05-2004 08:53 AM:

Originally posted by Frylock
OK, someone explain to me why Starship Troopers was a good book? I saw the movie and thought it was horrible (with the exception of the aformentioned nudity). Everyone said the book was better, so I read the book. While it was ok, and yes, I did get it was a satire, I found it somewhat lacking.

Starship Troopers is one of the Heinlein books that I re-read every year or so. For me, it is because the whole story is told from Rico's viewpoint, where you can see him start out as a self-centered kid who only joins up in order to try to be near a girl (and to follow along with a friend). He goes through a lot of experiences and gradually comes to realize that there is more to life (and more to HIMSELF) than he thought. He comes to believe in something much more important than himself.

In addition to the character issues, I really liked Heinlein's descriptions of Basic Training, which seemed like it could really exist, even with the "sci-fi" parts involved. One of my biggest problems with the movie (ST1?) was the way they pretty much did away with powered armor and replaced it with masses of troops. One of the parts I liked best was when Rico described how having another Cap Trooper within a quarter of a mile made him feel claustrophobic.

My wife and kids had seen that a movie based on the book was made, and I told them the book was much better. We decided to have me read the book to them. I got through two chapters with not a single complaint from them. I came back from work the next day to find that my wife had picked it up and read to the end.

If nothing else, the description of Rodger Young at the end of the book always affects me profoundly.

I like the book.


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