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Posted by feldon23 on 02-13-2004 02:19 AM:


Please for the LOVE OF GOD add a Subscription account for $10 a year that gives us unlimited Private Message mailbox and removes the 60 second limit when posting or replying to messages.

My PM mailbox is always nearly full and there's no way to download a copy of my PMs (vB3 gives you this option).

The 60 second limit doesn't stop spammers any more than a 30 second limit would. It prevents helpful people from answering more questions. People have said that the 60 second rule simply prevents short or flippant answers. This is not true.

I type 75wpm and I have had DOZENS of messages, some 2-3 paragraphs long, completely blown away by the 60 second rule. For any lengthy posts, I now use an external word processor to type my messages. This prevents me from contributing more to the forum.

Also, because all the forum messages are automatically marked read after 15 minutes, I instead open the forum index and Shift-Click each topic I want to read and then write Quick Replies in each one. So I've got 20-30 replies queued up and I switch back and forth between them, waiting for the 60 second rule to expire until I can hit Send. Sometimes I will click too soon on one and when I click BACK, the message has been cleared.

I just wrote 3 Private Message replies to people with the "Delete Original" checkbox checked (to deal with the tiny mailbox). Not only did 1 message get blocked by the 60 second rule, but when I hit Back, not only was MY reply deleted, but THEIR message was deleted so now I can't even reply to their message!!

I can't believe more people aren't clamoring for this!

I'd gladly pay $10 or more a year to fix these 2 issues.

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