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Posted by feldon23 on 02-14-2004 07:05 AM:

Yeah, it's amazing that I might actually want to use the forum in SPITE of the rules and the expectations you've given some of the users to "Expect courteous, instant help no matter how simple the question."

You seem to think that the popularity of the forum somehow proves that you've reached perfection. It doesn't. People will accept something that's 80% good and 20% not-so-good.

You know what amazes me is how your forum and my forum have the same basic philosophy and the same high quality of users, but the execution is so different. My forum is driven by the users. Your forum almost operates

I still haven't seen any logical explanation for the 60 second rule.

Short one-word answers?
There's a hack for vB2 (I see you're peppering vB2 with more hacks as we speak -- 'Subscribed') and a built-in feature for vB3 for this.
Once you find someone spamming, you can purge all posts by that user in 1 button press. A 30 second limit would double the spam, not multiply it by 10. Also I have yet to see widespread spam that would require this. You've already blocked URLs from people with <5 posts.

I think you're focusing on one problem that pales in comparison to bigger problems. For every 1 person who might spam, you have 10 asking "What's a multiswitch?" which sets off flamewars and stresses out the forum regulars.

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