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Posted by bobnick on 02-14-2004 04:52 PM:

Originally posted by David Bott

I am sorry, but I think you are really taking this a little to far. Especially when you post the line in your post.

Actually, this crazy timing is the most frustrating thing about this forum. The points above about changing the 60 seconds down to 30 seconds are very true - it'll make next to no difference in spam.
I'm giving up my time to help people - and I'm having to drag my heals when replying. There's the same strain on the servcer, it's just I'm having to waste my time.

With the increase in tabbed browsing, decent replies can be finished in far less than a minute.
The number of decent posts that have been swallowed up by the time-gap rule must be huge.

Why have 60 seconds in place, when 30 or 45 would still stop the spam and yet allow members to help more easily?

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