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Posted by Coladar on 02-21-2004 07:13 PM:

I'd known about Janet's death since last summer, so perhaps my expectations were too high. But I thought it was a horrible way to send off someone who's been with the show since season 1.

I simply don't buy that, after how many years, they decide to send the head of the SG medical staff into a very deadly active combat situation. She might have gone off-world a couple of times (The shows been on what? Seven years? It all blends together after a while.) but they never showed the character as being involved in providing medical support during active combat zones off-world. It's bad enough Teryl Rothery hardly appeared in the episode, but don't kill her off in such a incongruous fashion.

And I, for one, am extremely disappointed they dropped the ball with Cassandra. She, first and foremost, should have been front and center during the memorial. They didn't have to get the same actress, just get someone to show they remembered the character. Excluding that, for no one to even mention her or what would happen to her with Janet's death? She'd be either 17 or 18, so losing Fraiser is going to have serious repercussions in her life.

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