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Posted by wmcbrine on 02-22-2004 04:30 AM:

To me, this was perhaps the worst SG-1 ever. (I can only think of one rival for the title.) First, it felt like one ep's worth of plot stretched into a two-parter. The first part consisting mostly of all SGC personnel giving the documentarian a hard time, way beyond reason. All except Doc Frasier, of course -- and whatshisname, the guy who opens the iris. So given that, and their screen time in part 1, I knew it was one of them that was going to die; and realistically, it had to be Janet.

So then in part 2, when the documentarian complained about how boring the footage was that he'd recorded in part 1, I was thinking "Yes!". Then we get more boring stuff, a battle, then a nice speech from the documentarian -- BTW, was he somehow supposed to be unsympathetic, at least at first? Because I was 100% with him the whole way, and very annoyed at how the SGC treated him -- concluding with an unfitting death for one of my favorite characters. I mean, yeah, she died in the line of duty and all, but she was hardly even in part 2... there should've been more, and a better story.

And now there's only one prominent, regular female character left on the show. Will they bring in a replacement?

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