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Posted by lordrichter on 02-22-2004 09:57 AM:

Boring episode...

I second the vote for worst episode candidate.

Part 1 was so boring and directionless that I almost decided to delete part 2 before watching it to make room for other shows that might get deleted by TiVo that I actually might want to watch. The actor playing the documentary dork did not help.

I didn't really watch Part 2, although I did play it. I was surfing the net and writing a reply to an Enterprise thread on here while TiVo was playing Part 2. I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything important. This is definitely one of those episodes you can watch in Fast Forward with captioning turned on.

So, basically, I let the episode play for continuity with future episodes.

Even if I had not accidentally opened this thread as I was watching and saw from the first line who died, it was pretty obvious when the refused to show the infirmary that O'Neal was not the one.

I thought that the Robert Picardo uberlawyer interrogations were a little out of place in the midst of everything else going on. Why the distraction, other than to help make a 1 hour episode 2 hours long. I assume we will see more of him in a future episode where they actually spend some time on the subject and do more than run in, make threats, and run out.

I watched Enterprise "Doctors Orders" followed by immediately SG-1 "Heroes Part 2". Enterprise was actually the better episode, which doesn't say much for SG-1.

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