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Posted by JPriller on 02-22-2004 08:17 PM:

I've got one possible advantage over long-time fans of the show, I started watching it for the first time less than a year ago and thanks to SciFi's heavy schedule of repeats and late-night syndication on my local ABC station (it's so good to have a TiVo!) I've now seen everything but one episode of season 6.

Having seen them all close together and more or less in order I can say there have been some bad episodes, but not many, and I don't think that the show has gone downhill at all. A lot of people on fan sites were saying Shanks (Daniel Jackson) was looking burnt out in season 5, I didn't see that either.

I didn't think the Senator Kinsey flunky showing up was out of place, I thought it was in line with past episodes where when something remarkably bad happens the NID or Kinsey swoop in to criticize or try a take-over. They did some low-level character development on this flunky, so no doubt we'll be seeing him again in the season, and this was just to introduce him. It also made it more plausible for people to start relating to the director guy better, as he suddenly became the much lesser of their two headaches.

I think Robert Picardo (the flunky) did a fantastic job playing a bad guy, btw. He's got a ways to go before he can compete with Colonel Maybourne for my favorite villain, though.

WWJKD - what would Jim Kirk do?

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