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Posted by Joyster on 02-24-2004 12:33 AM:

It's so hard not to reply to each post as I'm reading through. I have to bite my tongue to see if anybody has already said what I'm going to....

Anyway, a lot of this has been covered already, but I'm going to include spoiler tags because I can't remember if the thread title says spoilers!

Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)

General Hammond is being reassigned by the president in the two-parter at the end of the season (there are 4 episodes left, 2 singles and then the 2-parter, not 3 as stated earlier in the thread).
O'Neill is promoted to General and assigned as head of Stargate Command, although he is determined to keep SG-1 as a 3 man team, I can't see any reasoning behind this unless he imagines the general can occasionally go on "field-trips" with his old team.

For those commenting on the NID situation - it is indeed building to a head, with Kinsey making a new play for control before the season is out - expect to see Robert Picado back for that (I miss Voyager sometimes )

Ok, so that's done with (I think that was everything..... I actually thought this was a very good episode. The NID coming in fit in perfectly with the storyline - Why did General Hammond send Fraiser into a live fire situation? You would expect them to be investigating.
I will say that the first part dragged a little, but I think the 10 - 15 minutes at the end did justice to the character, it's not like they just blew it off - we saw all of the characters shaken up by the news, and then a child named Janet in her honour. More soppiness than this wouldn't have fit into the Stargate psychi.

Oh, and Casandra's implant has completely dissolved, she can come and go near the stargate as she pleases. The episode when the team went back to the sixties, she met them in the future IN the gate room, and didn't seem to have any explosion problems - I'd imagine they just couldn't get the actress back, I would think that using "just another actress to show they'd remembered her" would have caused as many complaints as her just not being there.

And for those thinking they are in the minority because they liked this show, the poll at GateWorld currently shows 73.5% think it was outstanding, and another 17.5% think it was a good show.

I'm kicking myself because I've been waiting all season for the Atlantis story arc to really come alive, but I know that when it does, the season will end, and I'll have to wait until Summer to find out what happens!

Editted to insert comments about Casandra

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