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Posted by Francesco on 02-27-2004 08:22 PM:

Lower crime.
Lower violent crime.
Higher taxes.
Extremes in weather (though few phenomena like tornadoes/hurricanes).
Most roads make those in Cuba and Afghanistan look state-of-the-art.
Cars rust quickly (though they're better made these days), and a block-heater will be handy.
Quadruple your wardrobe expense because of the cold/snow/heat/humidity.
Very affordable housing.
Affordable car insurance (YMMV).
People don't sue each other here.
Affordable food.
Higher fuel prices (YMMV based on where you live).
The healthcare system is still just fine, despite not being perfect.
Friendly people.
Proximity to major US centers if you get "homesick" (Boston is five hours from me by car, DC about eight).
Economy currently as stong as (or stronger than) that in the US.
Brain drain, for sure - but that means jobs in many advanced fields are available.
Airport taxes are expensive.
Speeding fines are heavy.
Good, no, great fishing, hunting and outdoors sports.
Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo were invented here.
Multi-culturalism in most parts of the country - we're more of a melting pot than NYC!
Did I say the roads are horrible?
The lower cost of living makes up for the higher taxes.
The higher taxes take care of you for the most part.
Except for the roads.
Finding a place to smoke can be difficult.
Canadians do talk funny (English-speaking Montrealers being the exception).
Great food. [See: multiculturalism above]
Black flies and skeeters the size of armadilloes. Well, you're near Shreveport - disregard.

Your services might be as useful as a barber's shop on the steps of the guillotine.

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