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Posted by dmdeane on 03-11-2004 12:37 PM:

Let me try to explain the problem in terms that get us past this silly "Ethernet vs. USB" mindset.

Here's a real life example of me trying to convince someone to get TiVo:

Him: I'm going to get a DVR, and I understand why you say TiVo is superior, but I don't have a telephone landline, just broadband and a LAN. ReplayTV has an Ethernet port, so I'm going to get that.

Me: But you can add a USB dongle to connect your TiVo to your LAN.

Him: Will it work out of the box? Will it be up and working as quickly and easily as a ReplayTV?

Me: No, well, first you will have to connect to a phone landline and download your setup info and guide data...

Him: I don't have a phone line.

Me: Well, you could download the guide data at my house or somewhere else that has a phone line...

Him: And then it will work?

Me: Well, no, you will still have to wait, since TiVo 3.0 doesn't support a LAN connection, however....

Him: So it won't work....

Me: No, there are workarounds I think which work under 3.0, which...

Him: Uh-huh.

Me: ...which allow you to add some kind of prefix to allow you to "dial out" over your LAN under 3.0, which should work until you get 4.0 downloaded, but I don't know exactly how that works, but you can get the details from this neat web forum at www.tivocommunity.com...

Him: And then it will work?

Me: Yes, however as I was going to add, you can leave the TiVo at my house and wait for a 4.0 software update, or you can force another redial after the guide data is downloaded, and you should then get 4.0 software which will work with your LAN.

Him: And then it will work?

Me: Probably, unless you are using certain Ethernet or WiFi dongles which aren't supported or need new drivers loaded, but you can find more about that at www.tivocommunity.com...

Him: (eyes glazing over) Uh-huh.

One week later, and he has a ReplayTV unit installed and working fine. All arguments I make at this point about how TiVo is superior are now moot.

There is no pony.

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