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Posted by bsnelson on 03-13-2004 02:44 AM:

Burning VERY full DVD-R media

I've been cleaning out my HD of some shows that needed archiving, and in part of that process, I've been trying to make some DVD-Rs that are REALLY full. For example, the media that I'm using (and maybe it's all the same, unlike the CD-R world) holds 4,707,xxx,xxx bytes. There have been a couple that I've done that are 4,705,xxx,xxx bytes, and others close to that.

My issue: It seems I've made a lot of coasters trying to do these really full ones. I'm running a new DVD writer (NEC ND-2500A) but I'm using Ritek G04 media from the same batch that I'd made almost 100% good discs from with my old writer (Pioneer A05). The discs burn OK, but one of two things happen: (a) They play OK in the DVD drive on my PC, but my standalone player says "can't play disc" (i.e. won't even bring up the menu), or (b) the PC player says that the disc seems damaged and can't be played but only when I'm trying to play that very last bit.

Should I suspect questionable media? To put actual numbers to it, I've made probably 5 coasters and 5 working discs at this size. I'll usually just try again right after the failure, and the next one will work.

Sigh. I just wish there was more consensus/hard facts on what media is REALLY good.


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