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Posted by feldon23 on 04-05-2004 08:53 PM:

Well I didn't have to pay David $10. So happy to be able to post at my rabbit pace.

Hi ybrew. I thought you'd abandoned the TiVo forum too. I know I did for about a year. I was hanging out on AVS Forum for a while. I came back here when the HDTiVo was announced and wanted to help out unofficially on the newly-created HDTiVo forum.

I also peek into the DirecTV forum from time-to-time to see if anyone could use a diagram or has questions about SBC and stacking satellite signals.

I'm still staying out of the rest of the TiVo forum because frankly I don't have enough free time to do so and the FAQ issue. It's really a big issue for me and the alternative is for me to butt heads with David until I'm banned. I figure my energy is best spent on other things than that.

Hopefully some day, the TiVo forum will have a prominent link to a well-written, oft-maintained FAQ for TiVos and DirecTV TiVos. www.tivofaq.com ain't it. The multiswitch FAQ is great, but I think you practically have to be an electrical engineer to grasp it.

I'm happy to have a section of the playground to hang out in.

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Read the HDTiVo FAQ! & follow the SBC DirecTV drama
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