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Posted by LindaEB on 04-14-2004 12:39 AM:

TiVo's Suggestions / Thumbs Stuff

I've had my Philips Series 1 since winter '99. I replaced the aging hard drive a few months ago with a much larger one. (Why? Because we CAN!) I knew I'd have to go through the whole "learning process" with the Thumbs et al, and have patiently been thumbing up/down everything I see.

With so much more room, I know it's normal for Tivo to want to fill it, and I'm liable to end up with some odd things for a while. I did get a tad paranoid when it started recording religious programming for a while, even though I've never thumbed up anything with religion keywords. (I'm the only one in the house who uses TiVo - hubby is convinced it's evil.) Then I started to see a pattern, that it seemed to go through phases ... one day, Suggestions would be full of talk shows, then another day full of war shows, and yet another nothing but game shows.

I thought I'd seen it all when I checked my Now Playing list and saw that it had recorded "Paid Programming". No subject, no keywords, no nothing - and it wasn't on a channel or time that TiVo does its download stuff, it was a local channel on a weekend late morning. Since the show had absolutely NO data other than the title, channel and time, how on earth did it get picked? (Yesterday it also recorded 30 minutes on QVC for some unknown reason, sigh.)

Second part - I have several programs that I've tripled-thumbed up, that it simply won't record on its own. (Mad TV, Mama's Family, some PBS sewing shows.) There are no conflicting SP's with any of them time-wise. I know that I could set up SP's for them if I wanted them that badly, but now it's a matter of knowing WHY, anyone have any info? TIA


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